Sunday 19 August 2018
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What You Should Buy When Starting E-Cigarettes

What You Should Buy When Starting E-Cigarettes

One of the few things that is frustrating when it comes to e-cigarettes is knowing how to get started. There are so many different brands out there and all types of accessories to buy, which can make it very difficult for a beginner. When deciding on a new e-cigarette starter kit, you will need to consider several things, such as:

  • How often do you smoke?
  • Will you need more than one battery?
  • Do you expect to be smoking while you are out or just at home?
  • How much do you want to spend to get started?
  • Are you interested in any accessories such as car chargers, wall chargers, or a carrying case?

Buying Your Starter Kit

There are several different starter kits available for e-cigarettes that can cater to all types of smokers. All kits will include the basics that you will need to get started; however, some electronic cigarette starter kits may have more than others. So, which one do you choose? Be sure to purchase a kit that includes instructions on how to use all the contents. That is the most important thing when you are making the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

What Is Included in Most Starter Kits?

Starter kits, also known as basic kits, can usually be purchased at an affordable price, depending on what they contain. Typically, you will receive a cigarette battery that is around 650 mAh power. You will also get a clearomiser and a USB charger. The liquid that is inside the clearomiser is usually purchased separately. The liquid is known as either e-liquid or e-juice.

Something to consider when purchasing a starter kit is whether the starter battery charge will last long enough for all-day use. This will be based on how much you plan on vaping. You may not require a large battery if you don’t plan on using the e-cigarette much. However, you can purchase replacement batteries that are 900 mAh or 1100 mAh. It is also a good idea to pick up a second battery so that you can keep one charged and have a backup available to use as needed.

If you are smoking while you are not at home or at work, you need to know if your battery will last all day between charges. If not, you may need to pick up a car charger or a USB charger if your starter kit does not include one. An additional USB wire that may be used for charging your device at work using your computer or a wall charger could be very useful and help keep you from turning back to using traditional cigarettes.

Looking for a Kit for Advanced Users?

If you have tried e-cigarettes in the past and are interested in buying something that offers more than a basic starter kit, you can find kits that are designed for established e-smokers that include all types of accessories such as clearomisers, replacement coils and atomisers, or additional batteries with longer charge life.