Sunday 19 August 2018
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What Are Patient Lifts – Learn About Its Uses and Types

What Are Patient Lifts – Learn About Its Uses and Types

Patient lift is beneficial for health care and home care centers. It makes easy and safe transportation of the immobile patient from one place to another. This lift is beneficial for both the patient as well as the caregiver because of varying usage frequency and needs, this machine is available in different grades in the market.

Where are patient lift used?

You will find several health care centers in Memphis. Integrity Home Medical in Memphis is the best place to get a wide range of patient lifts for different areas of application. Patient lifts provided by them are designed and manufactured for sturdy use. Some of the areas of its operation are in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and other medical care areas.

What is the importance of Patient lifts

Patient lifts are very commonly used home health care equipment. It facilitates a person who needs assistance to come out of bed, to walk from one place to another, to get up from sitting position etc. By using patient lifts, you can assure comfort to both the patient and the caretaker.

Handicap Lift

This type of lift is very much used to offer convenience and fulfill special needs of physically handicapped people at home. These are mobile kind of patient lifts that offer great help to caregivers in fulfilling several specific requirements of them. It provides them a safe and comfortable way that aids in easy movement of patients.

Hydraulic Lifts

This type of lift works according to the principles of the modern hydraulic technology. Due to this reason, these lifts are very convenient, easy to function, and very much affordable. Hydraulic technology based mobile patient lifts do not require a power source to operate. The hydraulic system built in the machine performs the heavy lifting of weight. This makes it not just portable but a lot more convenient.

Electric Lifts

As the name suggests, these types of lifts operate using electricity. Electric lifts use normal power, i.e., 110-volt power and are operated using a rechargeable battery. With these lifts, you can access and operate your lift from any remote location. In terms of convenience to the patient, this type of lift tops the list.


Patient lifts are thus the best way to physically move an immobilized patient without requiring any form of assistance. Consult a good doctor to find the best one for your needs.