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Tips to note while choosing the best water flosser

Tips to note while choosing the best water flosser

A water flosser is a dental care appliance that helps you to floss effectively so that all food particles stuck in the deepest corners and edges of your mouth are removed completely. This process is made possible, thanks to the high-speed movement of water inside your mouth. The water comes from a reservoir. If you want to get maximum benefits from this flossing activity, you have to choose the best water flosser. Here is how you can do it.

Types of water flosser

To know which model would be best for you, you should first understand the various types of water flosser that are available in the market today. They are Countertop Flossers, Cordless Flossers and a combination of the two.

Countertop water flosser – These are further divided into two – advanced countertops and small countertops. The advanced ones are used if you have a large space to hold a big reservoir. There are 10 maximum pressure levels that you can set when you are flossing. You get about 90 seconds of flossing for every session. Small countertops give about 60 seconds of flossing per session and there are three pressure settings in them.

Cordless water flosser – If you have a very compact space at your home or you want to carry your water flosser everywhere you go, the cordless one is the right choice for you. It operates on 3 AAA rechargeable batteries. Here, you get around 45 seconds of flossing time and about 2 to 3 pressure level settings.

Combination – This is an all-in-one dental care unit that contains a water flosser unit and an electric toothbrush unit, to save you time and money. This unit is compatible with oscillating or sonic electric toothbrushes. This unit provides 2 minutes of brushing time and helps you to get your gums and teeth thoroughly cleaned. Irrespective of the model that you choose, you can pour a few drops of the best mouthwash (as per experts) into the reservoir to get a nice aroma and eliminate bad breath problems.

Types of tips

The tip of the pipe that you put inside in your mouth is very important when you choose a water flosser. There are various types of tips available in the market today.

Classic Jet Tip – This is the most common tip that we use for everyday use. Ensure that you replace the tip once in every 6 months for best results.

Orthodontic tips – These tips are preferred by people who wear braces, orthodontic appliances, brackets, crowns and the like. They need to be replaced once in 3 months.

Plaque seeker tips – If you are suffering from a serious problem like plaque or have any dental implants installed in your teeth, you can buy these. They also need to be replaced once in 3 months.

Pik Pocket Tips – These tips are ideal for people who are suffering from periodontal pockets and furcations. They need to be used only as per the advice of a dentist. They need to be replaced once in 3 months.

Tongue Cleaner Tips – These are used for general use to eliminate bad breath problems and need to be changed once in 6 months.

Toothbrush tips – This resembles a normal toothbrush and is used for general cleaning. It needs to be replaced once in 6 months.