Sunday 19 August 2018
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Knowing the Different Types of Exercise Bikes and Finding the Right One

Knowing the Different Types of Exercise Bikes and Finding the Right One

Not many people have the idea about buying fitness equipments. Generally, people step into a store, see the available pieces, and pick one amongst them. This is a very wrong way of buying things. Especially, for expensive items you should do enough research, and then take a buying decision. Same logic applies for exercise bikes as well. If you are planning to get an exercise bike then make sure that you gather all necessary information about the varieties of bikes available in the market.  Taking decisions in haste, does not give good outcome. 

Exercise Bikes are Very Effective Fitness Equipment

An exercise bike is a smart alternative to running, walking, and cycling. For people who cannot go for outdoor exercises, this is the best solution. You cannot actually have control over the outside condition; sometimes it might rain or get too hot. By having exercise bike, at least your regular fitness activities will not get hampered. You get the convenience of exercising whenever you want. Working out on exercise bikes, tones the full body, and burns lot of calories. If you are looking for some best exercise bikes to choose from, then you must also know the different types of exercise bikes manufactured.

Types of Exercise Bikes

Broadly there are two major categories of exercise bikes. One is traditional upright model, and another is recumbent bicycles. In both the categories there are different range of designs and models. Each model differs in terms of looks, features, price, and functionalities. You can find the full range of best exercise bikes with a good retail store, or an online vendor. An upright style of exercise bike resembles the bicycles we see on streets. It will have handles, pedals, and a seat.

Differences between Street Bikes and Exercise Bike

The only difference between the street bicycle and this one is that it will be in a stationary position. Another style in the upright category is the dual action bikes. In this, the handle bars are connected to the pedals. Thus, along with your lower body, your arms will also work out.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

In the next category, that is recumbent exercise bikes, the seating is more comfortable. It is like a chair, with a backrest. The seat is designed in a way that will make the posture of the user reclined. Unlike the upright models, where the thrust is created downwards, here there is forward thrust. It is more comfortable than the traditional models. The next model in this category has taken fitness to another level by adding a fun element while exercising.

Riders can play games, watch movies, and do other entertaining stuffs in the LCD screen of the exercise bikes. Although many people criticized it, saying that it’s a distraction, but still it’s a fast moving model.

On the Whole

Depending on your preference and need, you could select one suitable exercise bike. There is nothing like ‘the best exercise bike’ meant for all. If comfort is your priority, go with the recumbent model. If you are investing in an item like exercise bike, then make sure you have done enough research in finding out the right manufacturer. You should check some fitness review sites for customer feedback.

Mike Lucas is a fitness trainer. He is in this profession from past 10 years. Mike also maintains his own fitness blog, which has many followers. He keeps posting about fitness tips to educate those who’re getting started with workouts. If you are looking for a exercise bike then check out