Friday 19 January 2018
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I’m Combating Cancer And I Am Proud To Wear A Wig!

I’m Combating Cancer And I Am Proud To Wear A Wig!

Dealing with cancer is difficult enough and when you have to deal with the effects of the treatment, it can make you feel even worse. While it does not happen to everyone, one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy treatment is hair loss. Most cancer patients start losing their hair after the first treatment. Unless you are one of the lucky few individuals, looking for a good wig will probably be top on your list. There are many wigs in the market but it is a good idea to get tips that will help to ensure that you get the best product for your needs. Be proud to don that wig because you are beautiful and most importantly, you are a fighter!

Talk to your insurance company

Before you start shopping for a wig, talk to your insurance company. Find out if your insurer will reimburse you fully for the cost of the wig. Some insurance companies reimburse the full cost while others offer partial payment. Find out the limit and ask about deductibles so that you can get a good idea about the amount of money you can spend.

Look for the wig shop

It is a good idea to contact wig shops that have experience dealing with hair loss from chemotherapy. These wig shops often accept prescriptions from your oncologist and they can bill your insurance company directly. Make sure that you get the ‘full hair prosthesis’ prescription to enable you to claim the insurance. You can get all the information you need about the best wig shops by looking online.

When to buy the wig

The best time to shop for the wig is before your hair falls. This will enable those helping you to see what you look like with your hair so that they can choose the best wig that matches your natural hair. It is, however, important to note that the wig will fit differently when you have your hair. When you go to a good wig shop, they understand this and they will help you to find the best fit. You should also consider going shopping with someone you trust so that you can get a second opinion on the best wig.

Wide wig selection

It is a good idea to look for a wig shop that has a wide selection of wigs in different types, colors, lengths and styles. This will give you the opportunity to choose something that you really like or is as close as possible to your natural hair. You can try on several styles and see what you like best. A good wig shop that caters for cancer patients will have a private changing room where you do not have to feel self-conscious trying out different wigs. You should make an appointment before you go to the shop so that you do not have to hurry through the selection process.

Choosing the style

When choosing style, you need to consider the issue of maintenance. If you get a good quality human hair wig, you will not have to worry about tangling. A straight wig or one with a slight wave is less likely to tangle. While you might consider getting bangs to hide the fact that you have lost your eyebrows, you should remember that your facial skin might be sensitive after the treatment causing irritation. Unless you want to maintain your “regular look”, you can use the opportunity to try out a completely new look.

Find out about the price

Wigs come in a wide range of prices, from human hair wigs that are quite expensive, to the more affordable synthetic wigs. The wig construction will also determine the cost. It is a good idea to learn about the options available so that you can make the best choice. Find out if the wig shop offers additional services like hair cutting as well as fitting and styling. You will also need to purchase a wig care kit that you will

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When you find the right wig shop, you will realize that wig shopping does not have to be an unpleasant experience. Most shops that cater for cancer patients also stock hats, scarves, turbans and other accessories. Millions of women have to deal with the issue of hair loss during cancer treatment and you can get support from people who have gone through the same experience.

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