Sunday 19 August 2018
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Hair Loss Solutions for the Modern Woman

Hair Loss Solutions for the Modern Woman

Female hair loss plagues millions of women and it can cause a serious loss of self-confidence, as our carefully crafted image is compromised. If you are suffering from hair loss and are looking for a non-surgical way to combat the problem, there are modern solutions that can cover up hair loss, no matter how bad it might seem.

Medical Solutions

There are clinically proven medications, such as minoxidil and finasteride, and these are designed to protect the remaining hair from the follicle miniaturisation that occurs. Hair loss is a natural cycle, and in some people, when the new hair follicle grows, it is thinner than the previous one. This miniaturisation continues until the new hair follicle no longer grows, and the reasons for this are not fully known, although we do know it is a genetic condition, and tends to affect women in their fifties.

The Enhancer

This amazing system allows hair loss to be covered up, and it enables you to live your life to the full, as it is securely attached to the scalp and does not inhibit hair growth. The Enhancer system works with any type of hair loss, from minimal patches to a complete head of hair, and the painless, non-surgical application allows you to lead an active lifestyle. Female hair loss is something that many women suffer from, and the Enhancer is the perfect solution, as it can be tailored to suit the individual.

Mesh Attachment

The Enhancer system consists of a fine mesh that is either woven into your existing hair, or in the case of total baldness, it can be attached using surgical tape. Once this has been attached, human hair extensions are carefully weaved into the framework, covering any thin patches. The system is designed around the wearer, and the results are amazing. You can swim, play sports, and wash your hair as normal, as the mesh is firmly attached and looks and feels natural.

Human Hair Extensions

Human hair has long been used for extensions and it reacts as your own hair would, allowing for normal shampooing and conditioning, and with the right hair type to match your existing strands, the end result will be perfect. There are online studios that specialise in providing hair loss solutions, and a simple search should point you in the right direction.

Be Wary of Products

There are literally thousands of potions, lotions and shampoos, with many promising total hair regrowth, yet the reality is, there is no cure for hair loss. There are innovative, non-surgical ways to enhance your hair, and with expert application, no one would ever know. Non-surgical applications are very safe and with regular adjustment, you can lead a normal life and be confident that hair loss is a thing of the past.

Hair loss affects millions of women across the world, and it can have a negative impact on a person’s self-esteem, but with modern, non-surgical solutions, hair loss does not inhibit the modern woman in any way.