Sunday 19 August 2018
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Facts Every Woman Should Know About Abortion

Facts Every Woman Should Know About Abortion

If you are not ready for a baby, an abortion may seem like a natural decision. However, this is anything but easy. Abortions can be stressful beyond the physical pain and effects. The decision can drain you emotionally, but it’s also the time to take a tough call. It’s important to make an early choice, so that the risks and concerns can be minimized. So, how would you find a klinik aborsi legal? What are the things you need to consider and discuss with your doctor? We have a few tips below.

Finding a clinic

Abortion is an in-clinic and outpatient procedure. This simply means that the procedure must be completed in a clinic, but you don’t need to stay overnight, unless the doctor advises to do so. The laws for termination of pregnancy are different in each country, and therefore, it’s important to visit a legal clinic, where you can get genuine advice from an experienced gynecologist or healthcare provider. Since most clinics have their websites, you can find most of the relevant details online.

Know the options

Termination of pregnancy can be completed through a number of procedures, depending on the stage. If you are less than 8-9 weeks pregnant, you may consider medical termination of pregnancy, also known as MTP. The use of abortion pills is not always recommended, and most women like to opt for vacuum aspiration, which is also called suction abortion. This is a safe procedure if you are less than 13 weeks pregnant. In the second trimester, a procedure known as ‘dilation and evacuation’ is used, while for advanced stages of pregnancy, ‘dilation and extraction’ is preferred by doctors. Of course, the final choice depends on the facts of the case, and a professional doctor will explain all the available options, considering how far you are in your pregnancy.

Things to know

Abortion in the first trimester is usually safe, unless there are abnormalities related to the uterus or fetus. Your doctor will do a number of tests, including an ultrasound, to know if you are ready for the procedure. In most cases, you don’t need to wait at the clinic after the abortion is done and can leave for home in an hour. Keeping the smaller risks and other concerns in mind, your doctor may advise against intercourse for the next couple of weeks and may prescribe antibiotics, as well.

Talk to an experienced doctor to know more!