Sunday 19 August 2018
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An Informative Note on Fractional Laser

An Informative Note on Fractional Laser

Fractional laser is an effective mode of treatment for curing skin disorders. Cosmetic rejuvenation is done to treat for eradicating aging symptoms. In modern days there are two kinds of fractional lasers practised, which are equally the best form of process to eliminate any skin deficiencies.

The causes leading to having treated by fractional laser:

  • Over tanning of skin due to over exposure to sun.
  • Melasma disorders.
  • Acne and pigment formation.
  • To reduce wrinkle formation, and fine lines under the eyes.
  • Best curing process to improve the skin texture.
  • Fade away stretch marks on belly and thighs.
  • Any surfacing scars on skin due to surgery or while healing of wounds can be removed.

A note on Fraxel lasers, a beneficial kind of fractional laser:

Dermatologists name the treatment as non ablative skin laser to re-enhance skin to look re-freshing and free of any scars, pigments or wrinkles. You can opt for fraxel dual laser, which is effective to cure any kind of skin disorders with negligible negative health issues. In a week, you are able to have the desired results.

You can feel your skin softer, appear fairer and without any patch mark. Even the size of the pores get smaller and any kind of pigmentation will start fading off. In few weeks, you will surely feel that you have taken the right decision to consult the best medical professionals like Dr. Elise, who believe in treating their patients in the best possible mode of treatment cost effectively in short period of time. There is little discomfort while undergoing this kind of treatment and quite minimal risk.

How does fractional laser work such wonders?

Through fractional laser treatment micro-thermal zones or think pixels are penetrated deep in the skin. These aid skin tissues to throw out the damaged skin and replace the treated part with new skin. In each setting while the curing stage progress, maximum 20% of damaged skin get replaced.

The body’s natural healing process helps in the formation of collagen that result in the emergence of new healthy skin cells. Normally, after each step of treatment the skin will look reddish, fading away in few days.

The lasting effect of the Fraxel treatment depends upon the aftercare taken by the patient as over exposure to sun rays or utilising chemical solution rich cosmetics will surely damage your skin. It is best to avoid swimming in chlorinated water. Eating healthy food and to drink less alcohol will aid in maintaining your skin texture smooth and glowing.