Friday 22 June 2018
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4 Main Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation

4 Main Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation

As more and more of daily life becomes automated and mechanised, we become increasingly concerned at the impact of electromagnetic radiation on our lives. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are a worrying issue as they may create health problems that impact on our wellbeing today and in the future. Based on scientific research, here are some of the identified dangers that are occurring with electromagnetic radiation.

  1. EMFs May Be a Cancer Risk

Certainly more research needs to be carried out but there are studies that connect electromagnetic radiation with a higher risk of cancer, particularly in children. The link is not completely conclusive but this is understandable since the widespread nature of EMFs is relatively new and many cancers take years to develop and grow. Studies report that EMFs may be putting children at greater risk of childhood leukaemia. And other reports suggest that the radiation from cell phones can create a greater risk of schwannomas in the ear – these are very rare tumours present inside nerve sheaves. The study that identified this link showed there was a dose-dependent effect, i.e. the more you use your phone, the greater the risk. In the past we would not have expected to find that a type of non-ionizing radiation, like EMFs, could cause cancer. It is similar to when tests were carried out on cigarettes for lung cancer, when these links were doubted, too.


  1. Electromagnetic Radiation Harms the Brain

Studies also show that EMFs may be damaging the brain. This is specifically with cell phones, since a lot of cell phone use has the phone pressed to the ear. Different groups have reported that there are changes in brain chemistry following cell phone use. This could be in the form of inflammation, which is damaging to brain cells.

  1. EMFs May Cause Dementia

Dementia and Alzheimer’s is a growing global health concern. Studies indicate that when people use cell phones they are at greater risk of DNA damage that can not only lead to cancer but to dementia and memory loss. Certain studies show that this damage can occur very quickly after exposure to the cell phone, and that the radiation helps toxins creep into the brain.

  1. Electromagnetic Radiation Causes Antioxidant Loss

Electromagnetic radiation may also cause the body to lose antioxidants from the saliva. Antioxidants are some of the most powerful compounds the body has at its disposal to fight infection, and it is not good news if EMFs can lower this. These studies, and more, encourage many people to use emf protection such as an emf pendant, or cell phone radiation protection.

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